A client of Endor Media is The GodfatherFour and for this project I simply had to design images to spruce up the Facebook page by adding images specific to the Godfather franchise.

Who is the GodfatherFour?

The Godfather Four is a parody of the Godfather which shows a series of videos from John Mascaraish aka The New York Don. He addresses important topics such as family, power, politics and guides to survive in this radically changing world all in true Godfather style.

This was meant to act as a banner across the width of the Facebook page as it looks nice when in the Facebook Timeline mode. The quote comes from the Godfather series of movies and admittedly the picture if of Vito and not Michael Corleone. Very little design and more composition was done on my part. I put the picture, the black background and the Godfather quote in the original movie font style together. Photo credit (image of Vito) goes to: godfather.wikia.com.

This is a photograph of Michael Corleone compliments of godfather.wikia.com once again. I added the text and the Endor logo as well as the Godfather Four’s logo. The quote comes from the Godfather movies and is said by the character Michael Corleone.

This is also a composition styled photo. I put the quote adjacent to the image of Michael Corleone, as mentioned before a character in the Godfather movie series.


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