Head and Shoulders

Head and Shoulders produces hair products to get rid of dandruff and consequently  itchiness and a dry scalp. I created this print advert to bring humor to a “icky” topic.

I aimed to create an advert that required a little bit of interaction to make it more fun than the regular static magazine ad. There would be a plastic covering over the image of a snow globe filled with tiny paper shavings. Once you shake the magazine the little bits of paper would flutter around and create a snow globe effect. The result is that the woman in the middle of the globe had the fake “dandruff” in her hair and once the reader had shaken her up a bit, all the dandruff dislodged and became the snow globe. My slogan is, “It doesn’t have to get this bad,” to communicate to the reader that dandruff is something you can get rid of before it gets too bad. Head and Shoulders is a simple solution to an embarrassing and potentially chronic dilemma.

Its a creative way to deal with a “dirty” topic. Instead of just putting an image of a woman with dandruff in the ad I thought it would be clever to represent dandruff using a common household object – the snow globe.


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