like a boss

Bosch specialises in providing “innovative high-quality automotive technology, consumer goods and industrial technology products.” What I focused on in producing this advert was the tools which can be used in and around the home.

This bilboard communicates that Bosch helps you get various tasks done and keep the missus happy simply by using their products.The tick boxes create the impression of a “to-do” list which shows all tasks are done. The man with the Bosch drill in his hand shows what he used to get it done – the Bosch product. The line in the middle “Like a Bosch” is a reference to a popular meme at the moment: “Like a Boss”. This “hip” statement appeals to the younger male who would use Bosch tools for simple tasks around the house or apartment such as mounting shelves against a wall or attaching doors to a cupdoard. I have added a woman in the tick box to add a bit of humour – who would expect a woman to be on a list of things to-do? This refers to the way women nag men to fix up broken things around the house, so keep the wife or girlfriend happy by maintaining things around the house and do it with Bosch…like a bosch!

Like a boss is very popular as a “meme”.


Noun: An element of a culture or behavior that may be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, esp. imitation.


“Like a boss” – when you do things like a boss you do it really well and you do it with finesse and the feeling of great accomplishment.


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