Eau de Lacoste

The idea:

I can’t put the actual sample online, but for an ambient advert I looked online on how to make a origami folded shirt. The origami shirt would open and inside would be a fragrance sample for the Lacoste range.


Lacoste’s television advert for Eau de Lacoste – the trio of new men’s fragrances – inspired me to use origami as a unique way to package fragrance samples. The tv advert shows someone folding a Lacoste shirt into a square which becomes a perfume bottle.

Lacoste is marketing their clothing line as well as their new fragrances in just 1 advert. This origami folded shirt follows the same strategy. The shirt represents the classic Lacoste golf t-shirt and the fragrance inside the folded shirt allows testers to sample the fragrance. There will be 3 variations of the folded tee for the 3 different Eau de Lacoste scents: white for classic and pure, green for masculine and powerful, and blue for relaxed and natural.



Want to try it out? Check this ‘how-to’ video and have fun.


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