HIV Pamphlets

Ok so now my pharmacy friends hits me up like, “Yo Nicky Nacks, I need you ta make me some HIV posters yo!” Pharmacy friend does some work at a clinic and she found they have a big problem with HIV and AIDS still, and a little bit of problems with child care. These were the major patient concerns of the clinic. She therefore needs to make pamphlets to communicate that getting tested is the only way to deal with AIDS so that patients can adjusts their lives to make it better living with HIV not worse. So with only like a day to get it done I get to working.

Brief: Make a simple HIV pamphlet that communicates that you should get tested. Don’t get too crazy or too wild with ideas, just make it straightforward and clear cut. So now realizing that pharmacy kids care more about the medicine and patients lives than the frills and bows of marketing and advertising I decide to keep the design plain. I made 2 variations just to switch it up.

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I am not entirely pleased that the pamphlet communicated the message enough. The center images are a bit arb….but I am working in very un-creative constraints here. Haha.


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