A friend came to me to help her design product packaging for a hypothetical product. As she is studying pharmacy her task was to design a product including all marketing and design aspects of it. Her group named their product SpecOcular.

SpecOcular: Eye drops that serve as a substitute for corrective lenses. They last for up to  3 months and ensure clear vision, relived itchiness and no irritation.

Their marketing angle for the product was its convenience and “get up and go solution” to counter the need for contact lenses. The design had to reflect its simple use and also had to be a clean cut design to emphasize clear eyesight and clarity.

The logo I designed therefore looked like this:


The blurry text shows one’s eyesight before using the product then the clear text is when your sight clears up. The image in the middle is a side view of an eyeball. Blue is a relaxing relieving sort of color and paired with white and grey produce the clean clinical look the product requires.

I then designed the packing…

Packaging style 1

The eye drop bottle was my initial envision of eye drop packaging. I was then told I actually had to design a box with single servings…

Package style 2

This was the preferred packing. A box containing single doses of the drops.

I felt the various swirl brush details added a trendy look to the box and made it look more appealing for a younger audience. The picture of the eye I got off the web for non commercial purposes certainly) was the perfect picture to depict what the product aimed for. The detail below (sterile, picture of serving container and the measurement of each does) added a realistic and professional touch. They were pleased with the designs.


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