SpecOcular Ad Campaign

As an addition to the SpecOcular project I thought it would be fun to do a series of adverts from them. Admittedly I was just doing this part of the project for fun. I like doing things down to the details…I like going the extra mile and impressing people…for design’s sake!

So there are 3 ads. The idea was to blur half of the picture as the “before” SpecOcular and make the other side clear as an “after” representation of the product’s results. The idea came from the logo which follows the same thought.

The ads open up with phrases we use when talking about using our visual sense such as in this instance “seeing double” when you are drunk. But at this party the onlooker is stone sober yet still battling with murky vision. Dazzling Optics is the name of the hypothetical company that is going to sell the hypothetical product.

This phrase plays on the “love at first sight” saying but the spin is that the onlooker’s eyesight is so bad he or she would have to look again – hence love at 2nd sight. Blurring the woman makes the assumption that the man has the bad vision here. Admittedly the blur makes it look as if the woman falls into the background, but I don’t think the message is lost on this design error.

The 3rd and final ad I created is life speeding by in a blur. It plays with the idea that the speed of the roller coaster makes things blur, but when your vision is bad this blur is regular and you’re missing out when you squinting at every sight you see.

The visuals could be better but I enjoyed the project more for the marketing and branding part of it.

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