Exclusive books ad “leave the storytelling to the books”

So in practicing the various forms of advertising one that challenges a copywriter’s skills are those long copy adverts. People used to love long copy ads back in the day! Well they didn’t really have a choice, printing equipment wasn’t as sophisticated back then.

I chose to do a long copy advert for Exclusive books, because if there was a target market that could stand reading a long copy ad, its the target market that enjoys reading anyway.

Rationale: This advert is aimed at parents and advises them to buy books for their children at Exclusive Books. Story telling is a tradition that builds the foundation for learning at later stages so what they read is important. The long copy mimics various fairytales as it shows how a father struggles to tell his daughter a “proper” story. He jumbles stories and the pay off line is to “leave the story telling to the books”. The image of the confused girl in a princess costume depicts the humour in her father’s mixed up stories.


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