Monster promotion needs a Monster Event

The brief was simple:

  • Choose a brand
  • Create an event to hype it up

What a better brand to choose than Monster for a impactful and action packed event!

Rationale: I have designed a MAJOR event for Monster since its their speciality to go monstrously big! The idea is to create a 3 floor event where people can enjoy the fear that each level represents thus facing their fear. Monster is an energy drink and when we are scared our adrneline pumps and gives us that boost of energy in the same way that a can of Monster would. Our instincts are fight or flight and the three levels will incorporate these apects. This event will be held in the ABSA Centre in Cape Town. Inside the ABSA Centre are hotels, offices, stores and a club at they very top.

ABSA lit up at night

Target market: Monster was orginally designed for athletes, but nowadays younsters in their 20s, especially males, are drinking Monster. Monster has become “cool” and “hip” so people want to be seen with a can in their hand. The youth also feel that drinking energy drinks will conquor their anxiety and fatigue, which opens up a far wider market than just athletes.


Invites: The event will be an invite only affair and winners will be selected via liking the Monster page on Facebook and answering 4 simple questions via a facebook message to Monster: what is your name, your surname, your gender, your age and what is your biggest fear? The reason we need this information is so that a range of ages and sexes can be chosen for the event as opposed to uneven gender ratios – that can really dampen a party.

Floor 1: FEAR. Floor 1 is for fear – the fear of water! Many people fear drowning or being eaten by sharks, but a portion of Monster sponsored athletes are avid water sportsmen and women. This floor will create an environment that feels as if you are under water, but this time without the fear. The waitresses will be dressed in Scuba Diving Gear and they will be serving Monster cocktail specials. To eat there will be a sushi menu and other seafood varieties. For those who would prefer something not in the seafood range their will be burgers and/or chips. There will be a dance area and an area with couches and tables with surbboard counter tops. The environment here must be laid back and comfortable. There will be a dj playing house music. This area is made so that people can enjoy themselves, but also socialise and be at ease.


Floor one

Floor 2: FIGHT. After a few Monster Energy drinks on floor #1 its time to pump up the party. The 2nd floor represents the fear of the dark and the impulse to fight when that adrenaline is pumping. Floor 2 begins with a short pitch black passage that a on-duty bouncer will allow people to pass through in small groups. Once you’re through the passage you will open heavy dark curtains and enter a blacklight party atmosphere. There will be glow sticks given out and there will be a seating area where painters are stationed to paint glow-in-the-dark Monster logos on your face, arm, leg, stomach where ever! A extra special selection of glow-in-the-dark drinks will be served here. There will also be girls painted completely with glow paint and dancing on podiums. Monster Music will organize Niskerone, the dubstep dj, to perform on this floor.


Floor two

Floor 3: FLIGHT. Our natural instinct’s 2nd option after fight, is flight. Well we have taken flight quite literally as the 3rd floor’s fear is the fear if heights. Club 31 is the perfect venue, because it is so high up. The theme on this floor will be an aircraft interior. The waitresses will be dressed like air hostesses and the food will be served in the foil styled packaging as if onboard a flight. The food will be delicious chicken or beef options and will be very tasty. There will be a VIP area with recliner first class aircraft type chairs. There wil be a dj and a dancefloor here.


Floor three

Upon leaving guests will be given a complimentary goodie bag to remind them of the night. It will contain a can of Monster, a mini deflated Monster beach ball, glow-in-the-dark Monster branded bracelet and coaster and a Monster keyring with a mini toy plane on it too.

As part of my portfolio I presented as such:


Monster Event


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