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Need them owl eyes for the late nights!

Honestly I dread about pages. Everywhere I’ve signed up and I have had to write up “a little bit about me for others to know”. Frankly I’m tired of the ‘I’m this and I’m that’. But I do understand you do not know me and so would like to get “a feel for me” or find out what I am a-b-o-u-t. So it is necessary for the ‘I’m this and I’m that’. So to put a little spin on this…I will rather tell you what I’m not.

  • I’m not lazy – I work hard when I should and aim to excel in all I have set out to do. Nothing has come easy to me despite what people think.
  • I’m not a liar – You can trust that what I say is what I do. I’m not a saint so the occasional white lie such as, “Your butt looks great in that spandex” or “Yes Speedos are sexy” does slip out. I stay truthful in my work.
  • I’m not unreliable – If I say I will be there I will be there. If I say I can do something I can and if I can’t I will do my damnest to find out how.
  • I’m not a half-ass worker – when I do something I do it properly. Even if I present a few pages of research I add images, I get stats and graphs, I use various fonts and I jazz it up to produce something that’s informative and good to look at. People are visual creatures after all.
  • I’m not an emotional wreck – well at least not during business hours. I don’t let my personal life affect my work and study life. I have learnt that as you get older it becomes more important to know whats appropriate and whats not.
  • I’m not a boss – but I may be like a boss. I possess the natural skills of a leader to round people up and lead a team, but also to involve everyone and allow each person an opinion. However when the time calls for it I will back down from the leader role and be a follower. I fully understand the concept of “too many chiefs too little Indians” and I understand that sometimes being a follower does not mean you’re weak.



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